On a personal level we have been given so much by this wonderful community we have found ourselves in.  Strong friendships have been made.. offers of help and ferocious support.  We are so thankful for all of you and know that this wonderful community of ours is a bit darn special.. 

So the idea to bring all this goodness together.. to collectively focus on standing as a group and giving back.. we knew we had to get you all in the same room.. (well a virtual room).. to connect the dots.. to make it available.. to give us all a chance to DO more..


We are husband and wife, best friends.. business partners.  We are stupidly passionate about people, telling their stories, listening, investing and feeling connected with what we do and we are equally passionate about giving back and helping others to do the same..

Oh, and we hug hard.



Our wonderful members who enable us to do what we do by either giving funds, time and/or skills.  We couldn't do it without you!


Jo Milburn
Millie Benbow
Jo Alderson
Charis Warrell
Owen Warrell
Claire Penn
Phil Dignum
Katy Jackson
Sarah Craig
Jo Crawford
Naomi Henderson
Malcolm Henderson
Sharon Cooper
Rosie Lynch
Emily Martin

Anna Hardy
Larissa Greeno
Helaina Storey
Nisha Ravji
Emily Adamson
Zoe Brentnall
Lisa Webb
Laura Rhodesy
Emma Ledwith
Madeleine Jones
Hannah Webster
Florence Fox
Sarah Craig
Laura Babb

Dedicated to DO more.


Collaborators, motivators, sponsors and cheerleaders.  These are our wonderful supporters who are standing with us as a community.