We wanted to put down in words some of our hopes and ambitions for what we would love for IDo to become.  
For how we'd love it to grow.. what we'd love to see happen.. and then, maybe.. in a year.. or five years time.. we can look back at
this little list of ours and hopefully be super proud of how much we've achieved..

We would love to.. have a really strong IDo Community with lots of IDo members all committed to supporting and getting involved..

We would love to.. hold HOTPOT DESIGN PROJECTS in all the major cities in the UK helping many Non-profits with new online content to help tell their stories..

We would love to.. regularly raise enough money to be able to give £500 to a whole bunch of different charities as part of our '£500 Charities'..

We would love to.. create lots of different opportunities for EVERYONE to get involved.. regardless of skill, location or amount of time they can commit..

 We would love to.. celebrate the artist by giving them a platform to share their work..

 We would love to.. hold regular Instagram flashmobs where we can come together to create change..

 We would love to.. create strong partnerships with companies that support what we do..

 We would love to.. create our own social enterprises that are funded directly by IDo which have a direct impact on communities..

 We would love to.. grow this community and reach out to different sectors.. bringing different skills and knowledge into the community..

 We would love to.. hold events, giveaways, socials..

 We would love to.. make a difference..