Our Vision

Making a difference together.


A place where members of the online community can come together to raise funds and create awareness for various projects and causes.

Our aim is to provide a variety of ways for us to support projects and causes that are close to our hearts.  Whether that's simply signing up to become an IDo member and pledging a small amount of money a month or donating a % from selling a product or service..

IDo has been an idea that has been swirling round our heads for just over two years now.. and over the past year we've had an opportunity to grow organically.. to see what worked, what you guys were passionate about.. what was important to us..  

We talked and we talked and as we explored what connected the dots, two words kept coming to the surface..


Kindness and community are the essence of IDo and navigated by that, we will be focusing on three aspects that we feel encapsulates them both...

IDo for Others

Giving back and supporting charitable projects and causes in a variety of different ways.  We want to be open and flexible to a charity's needs and have the freedom to react accordingly.  This will involve regular donations to a variety of causes, chosen by the community itself and also larger projects that require a more practical, hands on approach. 

IDo for Change

Highlighting campaigns, pledges and promoting action and change. Supporting causes online from reducing your plastic use to registering as a donor.. by coming together online we want to raise awareness and bring about change.

IDo for Self 

Taking care of ourselves.. together.  Offering a network of resources to support individuals with the emphasis on kindness to ourselves and each other.


So here we are.  An evolving, breathing community that we hope will grow and develop along with our ideas, our fundraising and our reach.  But for it to work... we need you.  We are going to need volunteers, people to give up their time, offer their skills, promote things on their social media, work as a community..

..and together we might just make something pretty amazing.. 

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