IDo for others


'£500 CHARITIES' is our way to help as many different charities and non-profit organisations as possible...

We are so excited that this gives our IDo members an opportunity to donate to a charity that is important to them and also means we can support lots of different organisations along the way..


Each time our fundraising reaches £500 we invite our IDo members to nominate a charity that is close to their hearts.  

The nominated charities will then be put forward and the community votes on which will receive the £500.  

The member who nominated the winning charity gets to donate the money on behalf of the IDo community.

We then also like to shout about the winning charity across all our social media highlighting the wonderful work they are doing..

We then start the whole process again!


Want to see who was our first £500 donation?

Read IDo member, Larissa's story on the blog...