Our Hotpot design projects are where we invite members of the IDo community to give their time and skills to support a non-profit organisation.

Each project will involve a group of volunteer creatives working alongside a non-profit organisation, helping them to produce up-to-date online content to help spread their message.  With a three month deadline we work with each non-profit to collect all the content for their new site.. ready for the HOTPOT LAUNCH DAY where the whole group comes together to build the new website in just one day..

Heading to a different city each time.. our ambition is to create four hotpot teams to work with four non-profits.. all coming together on launch day which will finish with a showcase of each website and video.. and maybe a glass of wine.. 


Full website design / refresh

Up to date photographs for use both online and for promotional material.

A 2 minute promotional video


To take part in one of our Hotpot Launches we would need you to be available for the Launch day (9am until late)..


We would need you to be able to independently work with the non-profit to create the content in your chosen field (ie photos/video etc).  This would entail emailing and arranging visiting the organisation to create the content.  
This work would be given a three month deadline running up to the Launch day and we would provide the initial contact/connection between you and the organisation.

Our first Hotpot Launch day will be


We are looking for volunteer photographers, videographers, copy writers and web designers that want to be involved in helping a non-profit organisation tell their story.

We are also after volunteers to be a part of our social media team on Launch day. 


Get in touch using the CONTACT FORM or email us at
info@ido-community.com with the heading