Become an IDo Member..

We want this IDo community to be an active, inclusive, thriving community where we all come together to DO more.  With this in mind it was important for us to have something that was able to consistently raise funds so that we could concentrate on where the money goes rather than how it's coming in..

So this is where we REALLY need you guys.  For this to work we really need as many members as possible.. and the more members we have the more organisations we are going to be able to help and the more we are going to be able to DO.  We want this to be a strong community that grows and for that, the thing we need most is a strong community..

To become an IDo member you can choose between a £3, £5, £10 or £20 monthly subscription..

As an IDo member your membership includes..

Hotpot Design Projects

Members will be the first to be approached to take part in our Hotpot Design Projects, helping non-profit organisations to tell their story online in the most effective way.



Membership badge + Facebook group

As an IDo member you will receive the IDo badge to proudly display on your website.. and you'll be part of our private IDo Community facebook group..

£500 charities

Each time we raise £500 we will ask members to each nominate a charity that is close to their hearts.  Three charities will then be put forward for an overall members vote.  If your charity wins the members vote.. £500 is gifted to your charity, presented by you, on behalf of the IDo community.. 


IDo Events

Priority booking for any IDo events.. (in other words: PARTIES!!!!)

Prize Draw

Each time we donate £500 to one of our '£500 charities' all members will be entered in to a prize draw to win a selection of different prizes and goodies from our sponsors!                                                                                                                                                                    

..knowing that you are ACE..

..and that you are part of a wonderful community of DOERS that are making this world a little bit brighter..



There is no set limit for how long your subscription runs for.  It can be cancelled at any time.