£500 charities is our way to help as many different charities and non-profit organisations as possible...

We are so excited that this gives our IDo members an opportunity to donate to a charity that is important to them and also means we can support lots of different organisations along the way..


Each time our fundraising reaches £500..

..we will invite IDo members to nominate a charity that is close to their hearts.  

Three nominated charities will then be put forward and all IDo members will be asked to vote on which of the three charities will receive the £500.  

The member who nominated that charity gets to give the £1000 on behalf of the IDo community.

Each £1000 charity that we donate to will also be featured on our blog and across all our social media highlighting the wonderful work they are doing..

We then start the whole process again!


Our main source of raising funds will be through our membership but we will also be holding events, social media campaigns and offering individuals lots of different opportunities to fundraise.  We want this to be something that the whole IDo community can get involved with and we can't wait to see just how many charities we can raise money and awareness for..